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The Kelly bet strategy is all about maximizing the profits of opportunities you already have. Another issue is that you have to be sure that the probabilities you’re working with are accurate. Absolute certainty is not a thing in sports betting, of course. However, bookies have been making millions on the back of being right more often than they’re wrong. The more perceptive of our readers probably noticed a few problems here.

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Take note that the formula the Kelly Criterion is based on is only useful if you already believe there is value to your bet. If there’s no value in your bet then the Kelly Criterion itself will be made redundant. The Kelly Criterion is one of the most well known and widely used betting strategies in the world today. Read on to find out what it is, how to use it and why you should be wary. We need to modify the Kelly Criterion a bit to take into effect the fact that generally a security won’t ‘go to zero’. (Even a losing ‘bet’ almost always has some value in the stock market).

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To see the formula in action, lets take an example of a football match where the odds available on the draw are 3.50 (or 5/2 with an implied probability of 28.6%) but your estimate of the true probability is 30%. However, factors that can impact the How Odds Work success include accurate inputs of the probabilities of winning and losing, as an incorrect percentage would be detrimental. The Kelly criterion results in the K%, which refers to a percentage that represents the size of the portfolio to devote to each investment.

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Whereas if you havemoreedge than you think, and you end up betting too little, that’s all right. Success justifies putting the new larger amount at risk, failure justifies moving on. One can say that this can’t possibly be optimal, but it is simple, and psychologically beneficial, and a limit that is easy to justify to oneself and others.

Essentially, they are just a way of saying ‘that won’t happen’ rather than the traditional betting approach of ‘this will happen’. The logic to a lay bet does present opportunity though and it’s something plenty of bettors do. We’ll talk about two examples of how to use lay betting as a strategy.

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I use a guide for determining your edge by documenting your last 1000 plays and calculating your win percentage. Many people are undercapitalized and are betting too big with unrealistic winning expectations. Most people do not understand their true “edge”, or odds of winning. As you can see this just requires simply rearranging the equation to write it out in terms of f. The formula is rational and well structured for its purpose.

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If you are a very good judge of probability and you often back value bets then you will find this system very useful. It will certainly help you make more profit from your gambling. You can take a look at Kelly’s system by using your records, they will help you determine values and give you a platform to work with going forward. The first thing you need to do is take a look at the last 50 bets you have placed.